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Synonyms for stirrer

a person who spreads frightening rumors and stirs up trouble


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an implement used for stirring

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Tender notice number : 9-152-15-16-NIHSAD Purchase of Megnetic Stirrer
The necessary desulphurisation agents can either be blown into the bath with a lance or poured onto the bath and distributed with a mechanical stirrer.
A choice of two shapes means that users can select a solid bladed stirrer or a blade with holes to suit a variety of mixing tasks.
You simply pour the paint into a big tub, attach the Titan to your drill, turn it on and mix away - the paint's mixed in minutes and with a lot less arm ache than with a stirrer.
For arms, glue two craft sticks to the back of the stirrer.
The cocktail is served over ice made from water at the Macallan distillery in Scotland, served with an oak stirrer made from a Macallan cask, and presented in a Baccarat 18-karat gold souvenir glass.
From the Birmingham Post blog of Pete Ashton: Thursday night and into Friday morning the city council, presumably under the inspired guidance of director of public affairs and communications Debra Davies, set up a simple but effective live video stream of the election results hosted by Adrian Goldberg aka The Stirrer.
Twist Stir, a flavored stirrer without calories, fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, propylene glycol or carbohydrates, recently introduced a single flavor stirrer.
The motor to stirrer pulley ratio is approximately 1:1, with the synthesizer requiring a smooth stirring function over the 200 to 1500 rpm machine range.
A plastics firm has already produced a prototype of the stirrer, but Luminar agreed to pay for more research so the stick could be mass-produced cheaply and effectively.
A stirrer with a radial flow impeller was controlled at 50-1000 rpm.
The stirrer does not need to be as robust as the mixer used to reconstitute the coating, but it should have a stainless steel three,blade propeller on a shaft that is at least 3/4-in.
The scientific innovation, called "MIPs" (molecularly-imprinted polymers), is applied and used in tandem with the traditional coffee stirrer or cup.
Stainless steel 316 rectangular stirrer blades are driven by a 5 HP inverter-duty motor.