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a person who spreads frightening rumors and stirs up trouble


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an implement used for stirring

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Doing away with plastic straws and stirrers is a relatively easy way to make a big impact on the environment.
At any stage of the mixing cycle, operators can fme-tune the observed flow turbulence and shear because the stirrers and dispersers are independently driven by two different motors.
Unlike in the injection process, the Simetal HM KR Desulf process involves placing the desulphurisation agent in the hot-metal bath with a mechanical stirrer.
All tools used in food processing are potential hazards, but these Detectamet plastic stirrers can be incorporated into HACCP management systems because typical metal detection machines used in the food processing industry can detect them.
Another recent application of the correlation matrix to evaluated stirrer efficiency was applied to RC measurements based on a single point, adopting different frequency points to populate the matrix and investigating different chamber loading conditions [36].
When a RC is equipped with a suit of efficient stirrers and is well-stirred, it is easy to meet the field uniform specified by [11] and the inside electric field environment is assumed to be spatial statistical uniform and statistical isotropic.
You simply pour the paint into a big tub, attach the Titan to your drill, turn it on and mix away - the paint's mixed in minutes and with a lot less arm ache than with a stirrer.
The Science magazine insisted that compared to a smaller one, a stirrer with a bigger mass will have a bigger potential effect on the temperature of the drink.
Twist Stir's gourmet wooden stirrers add flavor to anything from alcoholic drinks, teas, soda and coffee to oatmeal and milk by simply stirring.
Dressed in his customary bib overalls, Keebaugh whooshes the end of a wooden stirrer through cinnamon-colored apple butter as it bubbles inside a 15-gallon copper kettle at op a fire near the barn.
A plastics firm has already produced a prototype of the stirrer, but Luminar agreed to pay for more research so the stick could be mass-produced cheaply and effectively.
A stirrer with a radial flow impeller was controlled at 50-1000 rpm.
Scales, beakers, magnetic stirrer and stirring bar, glass tray, long-wave ultraviolet light source, squirt bottle, dark storage bottles with tight lids
Garnish with an orange wheel, add a straw and a stirrer and drink .
The stirrer does not need to be as robust as the mixer used to reconstitute the coating, but it should have a stainless steel three,blade propeller on a shaft that is at least 3/4-in.