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Synonyms for stipulatory

constituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement

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25) Yet not only is it impossible to draw any decisive conclusions from the available treaties, of which practically none have preserved their stipulatory section intact, but it seems from the available material that differences in the obligations of various self-subjugated kings are sometimes greater than contrasts between the terms of self-subjugated countries and those of conquered ones.
34) Since such an important claim should have appeared in the first place in the prologue and then have been repeated in the stipulatory section, (35) this reduces the chance that other treaties, now damaged, also contained it.
And even if Aziru was given some promises, they would have been quite limited, as may be inferred from the stipulatory section of his treaty, which, although very damaged, does not seem to have lost much material.
Where we do have the new treaty, its stipulatory section has very often not been preserved intact.
4) However, it is reasonable to argue that in actuality the three styles of rule-based design often intermingle and overlap: One may have a stipulatory strategy to some syntactical musical dimension (e.