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  • verb

Synonyms for stipulate

Synonyms for stipulate

to make specific

Synonyms for stipulate

specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement

give a guarantee or promise of

make an oral contract or agreement in the verbal form of question and answer that is necessary to give it legal force

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The law stipulated that either the death penalty or life imprisonment will be imposed on the perpetrator of the crime of abduction if accompanied by rape.
He directed the Project Director to personally supervise the development work and submit the progress report so that this project could be completed within the stipulated time.
Article 33, clause 1, stipulates that without any prejudice for any stricter penalty stipulated in any other law, a penalty of no more than three years' term and a fine not exceeding QR100,000, or any of these two penalties shall be imposed on any person who: practises any of the engineering professions without license, impersonates an engineer, practises the profession after his or her name was removed from the registry or was suspended from practising and issues or broadcasts news or other forms of publicity to dupe people into believing that he or she has the right to practise the profession of engineering in spite of being not registered so or his or her name removed from the registry or was suspended, or registered his or her name based on false information or certificates.
The document also stipulated the tacking of the past injustices without delay according to a schedule specified within the implementation of the dialogue outcomes, with providing the funding for the obligations of reparation, including restitution of the confiscated and looted property.
This means that the salary increase is usually decided in accordance to collective negotiations between the employer and employees which are stipulated by the International Labor Organization," the council said.
Environmental Protection Agency, Justice Department, California Water Boards and San Francisco Baykeeper have announced a stipulated order that will settle a Clean Water Act enforcement action against seven municipalities in the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD).
42/2011 Specifying the period of work for the Committee stipulated at the Royal Decree No.
The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is going to propose to the Government to draft a law on financial payment as stipulated by the European directives.
1962 -- The late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem issues law number 22/62 on Kuwait's membership in the finance and international organization which was approved by the board of directors of the World Bank for Construction on April 11, 1955, as well as its membership in the International Development Foundation, according to provisions stipulated in the foundation's agreement.
Faizabad (UP), Nov 5 (ANI): Unhappy with the central government's stipulated pricing of sugarcane, farmers in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh burnt their yield as a symbolic protest.
Maher Al Obad, Acting Executive Director for inspection affairs at the ministry, told Gulf News that the ministry will crack down on any company in the private sector which does not adhere to Ramadan timings as stipulated by the law.
Minister of Manpower, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Bakri, while releasing the figures, said: Eoe1/4EoAll private sector establishments shall adhere to the prescribed Omanisation percentages and provide to the ministry their annual plans on enforcement of the figures stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower not later than August 15 every year.
Mitigation considerations should change the way we think about many stipulated remedies.
In the will he stipulated that on my death the house is to be sold and the proceeds shared between all the children.
In the latest decision in one of its longest running series of cases, the Tax Court granted the motion of a group of taxpayers to vacate stipulated decisions in their cases that were part of the IRS's Kersting tax shelter project.