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a painter who stipples (creates a stippled effect)

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Los resultados obtenidos en este estudio concuerdan con los aportados por Compagnone, et al (6), Velmahos, et al (28), Yadav, et al (30), Sifri, et al (22) y Stippler, et al (23), en la poca utilidad terapeutica de la realizacion de TC secuenciales de craneo en pacientes con Glasgow superior a 13 puntos y Marshall inicial I o II.
Once you have given the surface a good thick covering, go over the Artex with a rubber stippler, then flatten with a trowel or scraper.
Then stamp the area with a stippler (a square block of straight-edged brush) to get rid of the brushstrokes.
99 for the soft rubber stippler - and only around pounds 60 for nine items.
Anna then applied a tropical blue glaze, brushing this on first then, while it was still wet, went over it with a large stippler.
Before it dries, use a large stippler and dab over the glaze to remove any streaky brush marks.