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a painter who stipples (creates a stippled effect)

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B&Q have introduced a range of specialist tools to give that professional paint effect - combs, sponges, special colour wash brushes and stipplers.
The team of four Nordschleife experts - Marc Basseng, Frank Stippler, Christopher Haase and Markus Winkelhock - did an excellent job and secured 1st place in the Audi R8 LMS ultra in BILSTEIN's distinctive blue and yellow design theme.
Anna then applied a tropical blue glaze, brushing this on first then, while it was still wet, went over it with a large stippler.
Before it dries, use a large stippler and dab over the glaze to remove any streaky brush marks.
While providing a much smaller base rate increase than originally requested, this agreement ensures NIPSCO will be able to continue making the infrastructure investments that will be needed for safe, reliable service," said Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor David Stippler.
1 Mix the Artex to a thick, creamy consistency and work it well in to the surface with a large brush, then go over it with a stippler