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Synonyms for stippled

having a pattern of dots

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730" bore Sight Red fiber-optic front Chamber 3" Chokes Five, flush-fitting choke tubes: cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full Overall length 45 1/8" Weight 7 pounds, 1 ounce Safety Tang-mounted, non-automatic, with barrel selector Stock Select Turkish walnut, stippled forend and pistol grip Length of pull 14" Drop at comb 1 3/8" Drop at heel 2 1/4" Stock Finish Semi-gloss MSRP $979
A whole body x-ray reported stippled vertebrae and pelvic bones.
Artist recognition awards went to: "John and Paul," a pen-and-ink stippled drawing by Emily Beckstrand, 16, Sheldon High School; "Yellow Orchid," a lampworked glass piece by Daniela Cardenas, 17, Network Charter School; "Wave Twisters," a photograph by Evan Sharboneau, 18, North Eugene High School; and "Whirling Dance," an acrylic painting by Claire White, 18, South Eugene High School.
The article included one of the Wall Street Journal's distinctive stippled portrait drawings of Air Force archivist Archie DiFante and some examples of how he has helped the German researcher.
Included are a stainless steel KimPro Tac-Mag magazine, stippled black laminate logo grips and the finish is gray KimPro II.
Its stippled appearance was suggestive of the vascular loops of a papilloma.
Offered as a clear coating or, when used in conjunction with Valspar's UR-4 Urethane Color Additive, in a variety of colors, EnviroUltra produces a glossy, attractive stippled finish with excellent light reflectance.
The stippled design throughout some of the panels has a pop-art feel, and the teens have authentic voices.
To change the amount of "grip" the stippled surface provides, change the depth of the impact dimples and/ or the angle the punch is applied to the surface.
His paintings feature layer upon layer of dots that create a stippled surface, made by paint falling on to canvas.
The stately rhythms and deep-focus, static, often symmetrical and extended shots for which Hou has been celebrated are replaced in Mambo by the throbbing, spectral beat of rave music and a nervously roving, claustrophobic camera, which employs narrow depth of field and urban sfumato--a smoky blue nightclub stippled with spots of hot red, for instance--to capture a world he finds shallow, disconsolate.
It will have a stippled grain surface and will be molded of glass-filled PP.
Internally, the ends protrude slightly to give the walls a tactile, stippled pattern and also provide support for benches.