stipendiary magistrate

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(United Kingdom) a paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases

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He became a barrister and was the stipendiary magistrate for Merthyr Tydfil from 1847 until 1852, at which point he was elected Liberal MP for the town.
He was remanded in custody by Cardiff stipendiary magistrate Gwyn Watkins.
Jailing him yesterday, stipendiary magistrate William Probert said that Green had a previous conviction for burglary in 1999 and had obviously not learned his lesson.
Grey-haired Harrington appeared before stipendiary magistrate Ronald Bartle, who allowed bail on condition that he resides at his home address and does not contact individuals named on a list to be provided by the prosecution to the defence today at 5pm.
But at Glasgow District Court yesterday, stipendiary magistrate John Robertson said: "I want a DVLA printout and a personal appearance by the accused.
Stipendiary magistrate Geraint Watkins told the teenager the offences had affected the girls in question and he had 'considered very greatly' if he should be detained.
Leonnie Fitt, of Gillott Road, Edgbaston, was summonsed to appear before city stipendiary magistrate Peter King earlier this week but failed to turn up.
Cromer stipendiary magistrate Patrick Heley told him: "Your behaviour almost beggars belief.
Yesterday he was refused entry to the dock at the Bow Street court because he would not wear his clothes and stipendiary magistrate Nathan Evans told the hearing: "The trial should take place in public of course.
GREAT WAR The stipendiary magistrate sent the two young men, Edward McTaggart and William Kelly, to prison for three months in the juvenile section, saying that they were associated with a class of young men who had become a serious menace to the community.
Stipendiary magistrate Euan Edment told Younis: "This woman would not expect you to show her such graphic and abhorrent images.
Yesterday, we took exception to the stipendiary magistrate who allowed a teenage pimp to walk free, despite forcing two schoolgirls to sell their bodies on the street.
In July this year she appeared before a stipendiary magistrate, who found her guilty of assault.
But Chief Metropolitan Stipendiary Magistrate Graham Parkinson gave him permission to stay with a friend on Teesside so he could watch tomorrow's match against Leeds United at the Riverside Stadium.
But the stipendiary magistrate refused to accept Bethell's third party plea and charged the 28-year-old with contempt during an improvised hearing through the cell door.