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Synonyms for stipend

Synonyms for stipend

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a sum of money allotted on a regular basis

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The second stream of the Stipend programme specifically caters to Torghar and Kohistan.
The Commissioner inquired about the problems women were facing at BISP centre during the distribution of stipend.
Early Career Artists: Award of a $15,000 unrestricted stipend with free private housing and workspace in Year One.
She will have what she was already paid between July and October of this year deducted from the stipend total.
Students of the institute have been offered a monthly stipend of up to ` 2 lakh by companies looking to hire them as interns.
The proposed measure would amend the city charter to pay the mayor a stipend of either $500 or $600 a month.
A Credit Union Times review of federal documents shows that a board member at an Indiana credit union received an annual stipend of $93,109 for working two hours a week on board business.
Almost 30% of medical directors reported compensation for their duties in the form of a monthly stipend, while 25% received an annual stipend.
Swapna Kulkarni, general secretary of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors, expressed his ire over non-revision of their stipend.
As reported in Stars and Stripes, VA spokesmen Josh Taylor said, "The letter has no bearing on the VA Caregiver Support Program or the stipend benefit.
Dubai The Ministry of Health yesterday announced a decision to pay a stipend to all Emirati medical interns.
If you are a new state leader, you can apply for a stipend to help offset your travel costs (one stipend available per state).
The roughly 400 awards each year include 10-week fellowships with a $6,500 stipend for graduate students and yearlong fellowships for established academics that pay stipends of up to $50,000.
He also receives a stipend from the congregation of St.