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Synonyms for stipend

Synonyms for stipend

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a sum of money allotted on a regular basis

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Lowten and Job Trotter looking very dim and shadowy by the light of a kitchen candle, which the gentleman who condescended to appear in plush shorts and cottons for a quarterly stipend, had, with a becoming contempt for the clerk and all things appertaining to 'the office,' placed upon the table.
That Mrs Kenwigs, impelled by gratitude, or ambition, or maternal pride, or maternal love, or all four powerful motives conjointly, had taken secret conference with Mr Kenwigs, and had finally returned to propose that Mr Johnson should instruct the four Miss Kenwigses in the French language as spoken by natives, at the weekly stipend of five shillings, current coin of the realm; being at the rate of one shilling per week, per each Miss Kenwigs, and one shilling over, until such time as the baby might be able to take it out in grammar.
I should like to know what you really are worth,' returned Fledgeby, with whom his growing rich on that stipend and gratitude was a very convenient fiction.
Dear Monsieur Gaudron," said Madame Baudoyer, "please help my father to compose a little speech that he could slip into the countess's ear when he takes her the monthly stipend,--a single sentence that would cover all
It must either consist of permanent officers, stationary at the seat of government, and of course entitled to fixed and regular stipends, or of certain officers of the State governments to be called upon whenever an impeachment was actually depending.
transparent mechanism for provision of monthly stipend to Pesh Imam as per the provincial cabinet decision throughout the province.
The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) has awarded Kristen Majkut, librarian at the Albany (New York) High School, its 2018 National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) Travel Stipend.
MANSEHRA -- The district administration has submitted the particulars of around 1,050 mosque prayers leaders in the district to the evacuee department for the payment of Rs10,000 monthly stipend.
The school alongside providing free education to these children gave them free books and a daily stipend of Rs50.
10, 000 monthly stipend to nearly 28000 prayer leaders of main Mosques in whole province.
10,000/- as monthly stipend for 'Pesh-e-Imams of Jamia Mosques of the province.
KARACHI -- The nursing students of School of Nursing, Sindh Government Qatar Hospital, Orangi Town, on Friday continued their protest outside MS Qatar Hospital Office against delay in payment of their stipend and also boycotted duties.
They're forcing us to not have a stipend and also not work outside AUB," Nadim Haidar, one of the organizers of the protest, told The Daily Star.
Official sources told Radio Pakistan Peshawar Correspondent that one thousand rupees monthly stipend will be awarded to girl students enrolled in government middle and high schools.
In 2007, a newly ordained Presbyterian minister in Canada receiving the minimum stipend was paid $31,801 plus a housing allowance or manse worth $15,000 ($12,000 a year plus utilities, which is on the low side) on top of the stipend.