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supporting stalk or stem-like structure especially of a pistil or fern frond or supporting a mushroom cap

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In 1988, Stipe ran ads for the Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis over George Bush
SXSW is a circus all on its own -- but sitting across from Michael Stipe while he's sipping an espresso and chatting with him about sex toys, song-writing, and his buddies in U2 -- it's any music journalist and fan's dream," says Indiepixie aka Faith-Ann Young.
Stipe has previously served as chairman of the board for the Nevada Hospital Association and as a member of the Judicial Selection Committee for Nevada.
Stipe is seeking additional funding and her goal is to have the site up and running by November.
Stipe began writing it in 1987 but finished only the chorus.
Peter Buck fires off a coiled resonating riff in service of a suitably questing Michael Stipe on the opening Discoverer.
The drummer was back alongside frontman Michael Stipe and bandmates Peter Buck and Mike Mills as REM were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame in Atlanta at the weekend.
REM frontman Michael Stipe said that Bono had helped him overcome a period of writer's block.
The stars: Voices of Drew Barrymore, Joe Pantoliano, Dan Castellaneta, Michael Stipe.
REM front man Michael Stipe, discussing being gay, on VH1's Behind the Music profile of the group, which premiered December 6
In addition to John Boyer, President and Chief Executive Officer and James Elitzak, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the senior management team of NEWS is comprised of Arthur Streeter, Vice President and General Counsel, David Florance, Vice President, Transportation and Maintenance, James Stipe, Regional Vice President, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.
Before the show, singer Michael Stipe is lying under a lemon tree, deep in concentration, as he amends the hand-written set list for that evening's performance.
Frontman Michael Stipe said: 'I am still in disbelief and raving in private company about going around the world in 90 days and playing 31 countries in that much time - how crazy is that?
And he slammed REM frontman Michael Stipe for being rude to him after an appearance on the Late Late Show.
singer/movie producer Michael Stipe, whose Single Cell Pictures developed the film, probably comes closest to being the movie's most coherent spokesperson.