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stramonium plant is known as jimson weed, loco weed, angel's trumpet, devil's trumpet, witch's thimble, devil 's apple, thorn apple, stinkweed, mad apple, devil 's weed, malpitte and green dragon (Beno, Osterhoudt & Meaney 2004; Shervette et al.
Optimism is an important trait in elected officials, as long as it entails being confident in the people's ability to do better - not pretending that stinkweed smells like roses.
There seems to be an almost unbroken consensus among racing's cognoscenti that the Ascot stewards did not add yet another garland of stinkweed to their laurels in confirming Kayf Tara the winner of the Gold Cup.
Six hundred years later the complaint is as fresh as stinkweed.
The policeman started the outboard and moved upwind of Doc's stinkweed, then shut down again.