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Perhaps he's talking trash behind your back or has another GE There's a chance he's el stinko and your true-blue's picking up his scent.
Or he could have said drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, trollied, legless, mashed, mullered, blotto, out of my tree, rat-arsed, Brahms & Liszt, shedded, sozzled, rubbered, clobbered, wellied, pickled, inebriated, full of loud- mouth soup, squiffy, stinko, kaylied, off my head, newted, bombed, popped, sauced, wrecked or hooched.
want to assuage the public's "Oh-God-it's-a- Canadian-movie" response; this is the only explanation I can think of for the inflated positive reviews some stinko Canadian films receive.
Nods to events of 1999 include a parade entry that sends up the surprise indie summer hit, ``The Blair Witch Project,'' and the group Stinko and the Stinkettes, who will make fun of ``the giant phallic flower that bloomed this summer at Huntington Gardens,'' Hurley said.