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SHAKER: This public housing program is stinko, I tell ya.
Or he could have said drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, trollied, legless, mashed, mullered, blotto, out of my tree, rat-arsed, Brahms & Liszt, shedded, sozzled, rubbered, clobbered, wellied, pickled, inebriated, full of loud- mouth soup, squiffy, stinko, kaylied, off my head, newted, bombed, popped, sauced, wrecked or hooched.
The wild plot of The Bank Dick at one point lands Fields's character in the director's chair on a movie set, where he deadpans: "We've got a 36-hour schedule and a stinko script .
If newspaper retail advertising hasn't improved third quarter over third quarter 2000, it's hard to show any fourth-quarter improvement over fourth quarter 2000," he says, "because the third quarter 2000 was stinko for newspapers.
want to assuage the public's "Oh-God-it's-a- Canadian-movie" response; this is the only explanation I can think of for the inflated positive reviews some stinko Canadian films receive.
Nods to events of 1999 include a parade entry that sends up the surprise indie summer hit, ``The Blair Witch Project,'' and the group Stinko and the Stinkettes, who will make fun of ``the giant phallic flower that bloomed this summer at Huntington Gardens,'' Hurley said.
Whether we're speaking of stinko fathers beating their sons with cat-o'-nine-tails or the same boys forcing neighborhood girls into sex, the ritualistic humiliation of people suspected of being gay or the often violent harassment of people who happened to be brown or black, the type of community that existed in my old neighborhood - and in countless other Chicago-area neighborhoods in the 1950s - is not necessarily something we should look to for inspiration, much less try to emulate.
Or, as Scott Johnson puts it, "You can tell a stinko.
According to the accepted model of that era, the president of, say, Stinko Chemicals would have, if left to his own inclinations, priced industrial-strength sewer cleaner at just slightly above what it cost the company to manufacture it, which might put the price at about 18 cents a barrel.