stinking hellebore

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digitate-leaved hellebore with an offensive odor and irritant qualities when taken internally

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In January we didn't know what we would find, but a friend tipped me off that there was some stinking hellebore growing at Warden, near the railway line," recalls Linda.
So how is it one of most strangest and most beautiful flowers of the woodland is called the Dungwort or Stinking Hellebore (Helleborus foetidus)?
Plants found in the parish which appear on the national Rare Plants Register include frog and greater butterfly orchid, Good King Henry, stinking hellebore, petty whin, heath dog violet, juniper, Jacob's ladder, lesser skullcap and large-leaved lime.
For earlier flowers pick the stinking hellebore, which has pale green flowers and self seeds to form large clumps and the beautiful Christmas rose, with cup-shaped white flowers with golden centres.
It looks amazing alongside pink heather and the lime-green flowers of the stinking hellebore (shown in our main picture above).
The stinking hellebore, Helleborus foetidus, is rare but still grows wild in places.
Helleborus foetidus - The Stinking Hellebore - is more robust and will even tolerate dry shade, so a cool spot under any deciduous tree will do.