stinking cedar

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rare small evergreen of northern Florida

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In addition to being damaged by climate change, deer, and parasites, the stinking cedars suffer their ancient rootstock: The old roots must sprout trunks because the trees do not live long enough to seed.
The stinking cedars do not seem at home amid all this aggression, crowded by gargantuan beech, ash, palm, and shortleaf pine.
The fantasy is that the stinking cedars will keep blooming saplings from their decrepit rootstock until one seeds.
I'm not sure when I realized gopher wood, for Callaway, meant stinking cedars.
The Florida Torieya, known as the stinking cedar, is a 165-million-year-old yew species: older than the Tyrannosauius rex.
Shingles kept living rooms warm while stinking cedar planks fenced and guarded yards.
The stinking cedar remains on the ground are a dull brown, and each part looks shriveled, shrunken.
For the first time, a stinking cedar appears to me to look in-home, with a little bit of sun but shaded by an ash, circled by palms.