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The Latticed Stinkhorn or Red Cage, which smells of rotting flesh, has erupted in a blaze of colour at the Bishop's Wood Local Nature Reserve near Caswell Bay, Gower.
Known alternatively as the Latticed Stinkhorn, Red Cage or Basket fungus, it is shaped like a round or oval hollow sphere with interlaced or latticed branches which are red in colour.
Phallus drewesii belongs to a group of mushrooms known as stinkhorns which give off a foul, rotting meat odor.
Linnaeus noted similarities between plant parts and human anatomy when he named the pink-flowered butterfly pea Clitoria mariana and a stinkhorn species Phallus.
I remember my first call at his home when I found the living room littered with jars of live amphibia and reptiles and even a specimen of the stinkhorn, Phallus impudicus; strange New World forms of which he was anxious to learn the names and life histories.
This is stinkhorn," he explains, as we watch a fly and slug devour this odd looking specimen.
The Lattice Stinkhorn, or Red Cage, erupted in a blaze of colour at Bishop's Wood Local Nature Reserve near Caswell.
Voice (Tony Santos, she's a songbird supreme, and has been scat-tapping since the days of playing with Morphine, before they were only a club band in the Bean Town scene), sax (Michael Monhart, who was with Stinkhorn and with me for more than 20 years now) and me.
Even a short walk yielded finds as diverse as the unimaginably rude stinkhorn (its Latin name, phallus impudicus, says it all) to birch boletes (a tasty relative of the cep) to gorgeous amethyst deceivers: small, brilliantly p urple beauties which are also edible (and a visual treat on the plate too).
Woolly feet, jelly babies, milkcaps and smelly stinkhorns are just some of the earthy beauties theyOll be learning about on the Mad about Mushrooms Walk starting from Castle Fraser.
If you didn't already know this was a story about mushrooms, would you be able to guess what gasteroid agarics, stinkhorns, bird's nests, belly-button hedgehogs and pigskin poison puffballs are?
A THE stink is caused by aptly-named stinkhorns, a kind of mushroom that grows from a fungus present in the soil in your garden - usually feeding on old debris underground.