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large venomous ray with large barbed spines near the base of a thin whiplike tail capable of inflicting severe wounds

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id=41419816) report by ABC News in August, numerous beaches in Southern California faced increased numbers of stingray attacks because of certain weather conditions which brought the stingrays closer to the shores, as stated by local lifeguards.
Stingray Now 4K, an all-4K music video channel, completes Stingray 4K UHD channels offering, which already includes Stingray Festival 4K and Stingray Ambiance 4K.
Parasites, whose larvae live in orifices of sharks and stingrays, may harm humans when ingested through the favorite Bicol dish 'kinunot,' a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) official said.
Stingray Energy Services and Stingray Cementing, combined, offer services in fresh water transfer, equipment rental, re-fueling as well as cementing and operate primarily in the Appalachian basin
23 February 2017 - UK-based optical components and systems manufacturer Gooch and Housego plc (AIM: GHH) has acquired the entire unit capital of US-based optical and opto-mechanical sub-systems maker StingRay Optics LLC for an initial payment of USD 7.
The Stingray solution leverages the flexibility and functionality of Pebble's Marinaenterprise automation, and the power and robustness of itsDolphinintegrated channel device.
We are proud to partner with du," said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder and CEO of Stingray.
Chevrolet, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), has revealed details of the European-spec Corvette Stingray, GT Spirit has reported.
This is a historic first deal for Stingray for distribution of our music services in Russia,“ said Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital.
In the pipeline is the Stingray call save led th ersion of he Z06 a version of called the Z06 which has rather more power.
Stingray pretends it's a cellphone tower, secretly giving details of a phone's location and information about calls and text messages.
Studies have already proven that stingray motion closely resembles the most optimal swimming gait, this happens because of stingray's unique flat and round shape, which allows them to easily glide through water.
21 -- Maruti Suzuki has launched the new Wagon R Stingray with prices starting at Rs 4.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-June 6, 2013-Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager validated by Oracle(C)1994-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Chevy says all the performance technology and capabilities introduced on the Stingray coupe are carried over to the convertible, the only structural changes being limited to accommodating the folding top and safety belt mounts.