stinging hair

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a multicellular hair in plants like the stinging nettle that expels an irritating fluid

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Neesia seeds contain a lot of fat, which is good for orangutans, but the seeds are hard to remove and are surrounded by stinging hairs.
Some species of caterpillars are armed with stinging hairs and these can cause caterpillar dermatitis.
These nocturnal beetles ate between the stinging hairs, but quite effortlessly walked among them.
In addition to the pain, I found that the stinging hairs are also shed continuously and cause an allergic reaction to anyone who remains close to these plants for more than one hour.
It is interesting that many native mammals and birds are not deterred by the stinging hairs, while the relative newcomers to Australia: humans, dogs and horses are adversely affected.
Both are eaten by many rainforest birds, regardless of the stinging hairs.