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Synonyms for stilt

a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure

one of two stout poles with foot rests in the middle

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long-legged three-toed wading bird of brackish marshes of Australia

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In 2008, Chhum wanted to display paintings of floating and stilt houses for his first solo exhibition at Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture, but he decided to put it on hold because of time constraints, instead turning to more accessible Khmer traditional wooden housing structures instead.
While its not yet feasible to control predators over the entire area where black stilt range, DOC is exploring a wider partnership opportunity to introduce landscape-scale predator control in the Mackenzie.
Pripps in Farmall, 2nd Edition: The Red Tractor that Revolutionized Famjing, Tractor Stilts Co.
Houses on stilts have been around since the Neolithic and Bronze Age and are popular along the river banks of South America.
It may be a while before we see Black-winged Stilts nesting closer to home, however.
Stilt walking is a huge part of their culture and Alan saw an opportunity to bring a taste of the Carribbean back home.
WE'LL SUPPORT YOU EVERMORE Steel stilts under Hampden pitch, below, as work on track continues
Meantime he's tending to his chaffed legs after spending six weeks on stilts, justifiably satisfied by the PS7,500 he's raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.
The stilts had padded leather bags on their ends to act as 'silent feet' on prowling missions.
But once I explained what I was doing, they were very supportive and said they had never seen anything like it and never seen the stilts before.
A potential cause of pododermatitis ("bumblefoot") was investigated in captive-reared juvenile black stilts at the department of conservation "kaki recovery program" at Twizel, New Zealand.
our objectives were to identify predators and temporal patterns of predation on nests of avocets and stilts in southern San Francisco Bay, and to assess differences among techniques used to detect predators.
And nobody who sees the show will forget Melody's act as both a skater waving flaming wands and a clown on stilts.
STILTS have a patented two-piece footplate which provides an "ankle" with heel to toe movement that translates into a smooth, natural stride, as well as other functional advantages.
One of the most profound sayings of Ramdas to Stilts is:"Each of us is like a leaf floating on the river of time.