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Synonyms for stillborn

failing to accomplish an intended result

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(of newborn infant) showing no signs of life at birth

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Half of the babies who are stillborn are alive at the start of labour.
TOP COMMENT Christine Carroll: "She is so brave to stand up and speak out for stillborn babies.
Labour MP Sharon Hodgson becomes emotional as she recalls having a stillborn baby in the House of Commons, London.
When the family members insisted, the doctors operated on the woman, during which she gave birth to a stillborn child, claims the woman's father.
Top: Eli Coley and Krisina Jagpal, who have spoken about their grief after Krisina lost baby Ah'rielle who was stillborn.
Bottlenose dolphins are pregnant for about 380 days, so stillborn and juvenile dolphins found in the early months of 2011 could have been exposed in the womb to petroleum products released the previous year.
Thakrar told the BBC blog post: "In the UK, 3628 babies were stillborn in 2013, that's one in every 216 births; a shocking fact I've come to learn during my preparation for telling this story.
The post Paphos police probe claim pregnant woman not told she was expecting twins, as one stillborn appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
FOUR-YEAR-OLD Serena Kilcullen has swum a mammoth half a mile in memory of her stillborn brother.
Copies of the Stillborn comic book will be available and the opportunity to pledge towards the Kickstarter project, plus the chance to speak with Phillip about his work.
Published -- Monday 26 August 2013WASHINGTON: A panda at Washington's National Zoo that has been tending to her squealing newborn cub also gave birth to a stillborn cub Saturday that wasn't fully formed and was never alive outside the womb, a zoo official said.
A Minnesota Hospital is apologizing for mishandling a stillborn baby's body.
ISSUE: This unusual case involved a mother's directions to a hospital that the remains of her stillborn be delivered to a representative of a funeral home.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Iran's proposal to solve the Syrian crisis, which will be discussed on the sidelines of the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran later this month, will be stillborn considering Iran's stance towards the crisis, a Turkish diplomatic source has told Today's Zaman.
Summary: There are calls for a former Big Brother contestant to be banned from Twitter after he mocked Gary Barlow's stillborn baby online.