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a painting of inanimate objects such as fruit or flowers

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Somewhere between this status and the 16th century roots of simulacra lies a window into Still Life is No Life.
His last works continued to explore those subjects he had mined for fifty years, the beautiful landscape, the rocky seashore with tidal pools, and the still life.
Varda returns to a picture she took in 1954, a still life constructed from two naked males--frame left, a man with his back to us, looking out to sea; in the middle, an unhappy boy sitting amid stones--and the splayed corpse of a goat.
Having treated each jar as a still life she cannot object to the observation that each fetus, stilled into a single gesture, was a protostatue in the grotesque mode.
Upstairs, a smaller installation focused upon myriad permutations of the still life, mixing images from sacred and profane sources.