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a potent estrogen used in medicine and in feed for livestock and poultry

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Thirty years ago Stilboestrol, a drug which was used to prevent miscarriages, was blamed for causing the cancer.
No cases of the cancer had been reported since Stilboestrol, which was used to prevent miscarriages and was blamed for causing the cancer, was banned in the 1970s.
For example, Stilboestrol was administered to dry up milk, the baby's cord was tied out of sight of the mother and hypnotic sedative drugs such as Sodium Pentobarbitone or Amatyl, as used by doctors in deep sleep Chelmsford therapy, were administered in smaller doses.
Millions of pregnant women all over the world were treated with the oestrogen- based Diethystilbestrol (DES) - better known in Britain as Stilboestrol - to prevent miscarriage between 1945 and 1971.