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the act of stigmatizing

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When people talk about albinism it is usually all about the injustices and stigmatisation.
A ma sortie de l'hopital, je vivais de la stigmatisation et j'etais prisonnier des effets iatrogenes induits par mes medicaments.
The actuality and necessity of a global bioethics and continuous discourse on discrimination and stigmatisation are evident when referring to global organ trafficking.
This includes tackling the stigmatisation of sexual violence and the long lasting consequence this can have on individuals and communities, as well as the threat it poses to community reconciliation.
Clearly by the reports that we saw, there was concern as to whether that could then lead to stigmatisation, whether that could lead to isolation.
L'Instance a appele les candidats a placer l'interet national au dessus de toutes les autres considerations, et les medias a eviter la propagation des discours incitant a la haine, a la violence et a la stigmatisation.
He knows, we know and his guests know his show is the exploitation of the alreadyexploited in a trade-off which gets them a lifetime of stigmatisation in exchange for a few minutes of fame.
She said: "Every day, people with mental health problems deal with bullying, misunderstandings and stigmatisation.
Cette strategie, elaboree dans le cadre d'une approche participative, vise a mettre en place un cadre harmonieux d'action et de programmation integrant une approche des droits de l'Homme, pour assurer une riposte efficace a ce fleau, susceptible de reduire la stigmatisation et la discrimination et de proteger les droits des categories a risque, en situation de vulnerabilite et des personnes vivant avec le Sida.
The stigmatisation of job seekers by makers like Channel 4 only fuel the furnace of an already blinkered coalition government Middlesborough has already given the production crew their marching orders.
Meanwhile, the research by Deb Dempsey found that growing up with same-sex parents had a "negligible influence" on a child's emotional wellbeing, peer relationships, capacity to behave appropriately, self-esteem, stigmatisation and overall mental health.
As somebody who has conducted research into the process of stigmatisation, I have found the reaction in the British press to be both fascinating and terrifying.
The idea is to include the care for mental illness among other illnesses and not deal with it as a separate ailment in order to avoid further stigmatisation of those with mental illnesses," the official said.
During the open-talk discussions, residents of rural Windhoek con firmed that children or youth with disabilities are especially vulnerable due to social and structural discrimination, stigmatisation, neglect, abuse, violence, torture, degrading treatment, exploitation and exclusion from the society.
Turkey: Turkey has replaced its ambassador to Vienna who caused a diplomatic spat after he slammed Austria s stigmatisation of Turkish immigrants, a diplomatic source said Sunday.