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Synonyms for stifling

Synonyms for stifling

oppressive due to a lack of fresh air

Synonyms for stifling

forceful prevention

characterized by oppressive heat and humidity

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has an awful lot to do with Microsoft's stifling competition.
OVER-regulation is stifling research and hindering the chances medical breakthroughs, leading Birmingham University academics warned today.
If he's stifling your natural independence, tell him seriously you don't need a big brother looking out for you and, if he doesn't treat you like an adult and an equal partner, it will destroy your relationship.
Despite sweltering temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, stifling humidity, no breeze and heavy air pollution, an estimated 350,000 people turned out to demonstrate their opposition to Communist China's attempts to impose oppressive measures on the island's nearly 7 million people.
Still, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association sided with Owens' complaint about the panel for stifling free speech.
In their experiments, Pitari and Waldman also observed that the toxin's stifling of cell division depends on a cascade of molecular events culminating with an influx of calcium into the cells.
Used to stifling all her cries, Peony finds she cannot comply.
ARMA International President Juanita Skillman, CRM, FAI, has appointed Rick Stifling to fill the board position of Canadian Director vacated by Gisele Crawford, ARMA's newly elected president-elect.
Yes, American business has discovered the nineteenth-century critique of middle-class values; it has realized the validity of all those dead aesthetes' complaints about the stifling ways of the bourgeoisie and the horror of routine; it is living giddily through a '60s of its own in which talk of "revolution" has acquired a cachet it hasn't had for several decades.
But it lists examples of red tape stifling small-scale gigs and performances.
She added: "By failing to put in place supports for further education, this Government is not allowing the sector to develop and is stifling its ability to grow.
The law also "appears targeted at the Falun Gong [a vaguely Buddhist religious sect outlawed by China's Communist rulers] and could well end up stifling other religious groups.