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Synonyms for stiffly

in a stiff manner


in a rigid manner


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Scientists found that, faced with windy conditions, Cossack collapsed his wings in response to strong gusts instead of holding them out stiffly like a fixed-wing aircraft.
Reacting to certain apprehensions raised by the Goa Police who stiffly opposed the bail, the bench headed by justice H.
This week, a French soccer player named Nicolas Anelka sparked a firestorm by publicly giving the quenelle salutea sort of reverse of the Nazi Sieg Heil, in which one stiffly extends the right hand towards the ground and with the left hand touches the right shoulderafter scoring a goal during a match.
After many years of seeing her get the cute guy while I stood stiffly next to her at the bookstore or bar, you better believe I picked up a few of her tricks along the way.
As Rodolfo, Jason Davis demonstrated a hauntingly beautiful sound in his Act II "Quando le sere al placido" while Gregory Servant, as Count Walter, was as stiffly arrogant as his role required.
Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic started losing his patience after he received the message from European ambassador Vincent Degert who stiffly said that Serbia will not get set with a date for negotiations at June's EU Summit, Ivana Kostovska comments for Dnevnik.
After seven years of physical and occupational therapy, I use a power chair for traveling distances but can stiffly walk short distances, off and on, all day.
We support (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un and want to built a country with economic power," a person connected to the branch said stiffly.
Other premium players in the region such as Singapore Airlines are stiffly resisting the aims.
Dr Robyn Lewis" says to have Celtic players compete in a GB football team would be the thin end of the wedge, I agree with him and furthermore, I would like to point out that the rest of the Celtic athletes are already in the thick end of the wedge and winners are expected to stand stiffly to the Union Jack and God Save the Queen, God help us.
He walked around stiffly lifting one hind leg and holding it arched off the ground when standing still.
The publicity shot of Streep complete with stiffly coiffured hair, pearl earrings and that curiously rictus smile that Lady Thatcher is rarely seen without, hit all the front pages.
The 91-year-old anti-apartheid icon emerged stiffly from a car and leaned on a walking stick.
When he emerged, he walked stiffly down some stairs and into a waiting black SUV that whisked him away to an uncertain future.
Under the watchful eye of a wildlife vet in a clinic in Jumeirah, one cub is now able to stand and saunter stiffly around for a few minutes at a time.