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In a systematic and thorough manner, the stickup man gently removed spectacles, and taped ankles, wrists, mouths and eyes before minutely inspecting the victims' pockets and wallets.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - First Bank & Trust at 2799 Agoura Road was robbed Friday of an undisclosed amount of money, and authorities are seeking a lone stickup man, the FBI reported.
There, he is accosted by Hubert, a one-handed stickup man who's just gotten out of jail.
He had been a burglar and a stickup man, and used and sold drugs.
311) reference to the "readily available, detailed meanings of common criminality": such meanings are certainly more readily available to the street fighter or stickup man than the criminologist.
When an armed stickup man entered a store in Marionville, Mo.
This stickup man had to be from the mainland, because he stupidly violated the Hawaiian Rules of Robbery.