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Synonyms for stickup

the act or crime of taking another's property unlawfully and by force

Synonyms for stickup

robbery at gunpoint

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Manager Bassam described the stickup as an "isolated incident" that would have little effect on the bar's daily operations.
Penny is jumping up and down to the music and it is making her hair stickup even more than usual.
The StickUp Bulb doesn't require installation, wiring or drilling, though you can screw it in place if you want.
Coates was the kid who fled from a brawl instead of putting his dukes up when the stickup kids tried to take his new kicks.
I loved the moment when you announce the stickup and everything suddenly goes brighter and sharper and the world seems to spin faster.
Omar was introduced in the first season, leading a stickup crew as they attempted to rob the show's chief drug lord, Avon Barksdale.
We hit the chip aisle and the dairy case," says one of the stickup artists, who labeled some 30 products, including Frito-Lay potato chips and milk containing rBGH.
These include Danny Mills and Mark James, The Stickup Kidz and The Freakbeat Crew.
These days, they stand on the corner caressing their bankrolls -- "begging for the attentions of a knocker [plainclothes cop] or stickup artist.
107-112), sound recordings of the stickup man's terse command to "give it up" (p.
Hiding Place is a less variegated book, narrowing its focus to two voices--ancient Mother Bess in her shack on Bruston Hill, and Tommy, the narrator's brother who's fled up to the hill after participating in a bungled stickup.
he did not lead the gang of 12 in that daring EDSA stickup, he didn't drag anyone out of his house or car for a few moments of contemplation, he hasn't been caught planting shabu on a hapless motorist, he didn't plan the murder of or execute Enzo Pastor, he wasn't seen extorting a Korean or a Chinese.
when a guy walked in, showed the 23-year-old clerk a gun and announced a stickup.
Minutes later, after the man had done some more business downtown, he said he went to his car on Main Street when the second man approached him from behind and said, "This is a stickup," according to Capt.
Folks, this ain't the kind of training you--or I--need for confronting a prowler in your kitchen or surviving an ATM stickup.