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dispute or argue stubbornly (especially minor points)

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RNA:DNA analysis was performed on five crabs of each species per month when available that had been frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored in an ultracold freezer at -80[degrees]C by methods detailed in Wang and Stickle (1986).
They appear callous and unemotional to others, but their own emotional experience is that they're very distressed, have high levels of anxiety, higher levels of depression, higher levels of emotion," says Stickle.
26 April 2011 - US-based Princeton National Bancorp (NASDAQ:PNBC) said in a regulatory filing on Monday it had hired with immediate effect Rodney Stickle as chief financial officer at the holding company and subsidiary Citizens First National Bank.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 26, 2011--Princeton National Bancorp names Rodney Stickle CFO(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Not long after the turbine started spinning, Stickle noticed that the electric meter at his home in rural northwest Illinois was spinning backward and his electric bill was dropping--by as much as $40 a month.
Signals will be installed to alternatively allow eastbound and westbound traffic on the open lane, ODOT spokeswoman Kate Stickle said.
One user contacted the national park authority to say he had come across two youths on Harrison Stickle, in the Langdales, wearing T-shirts.
Other variants include Stickle Toffee & Pecan Nuts, a chocolate pud and a Cherrie Jam variant [rsp: 2.
high hopes achieved Katie Parker on the summit of Pike o' Stickle in the Lake District and (right) with her father Dean
Manufacturers got to grips with stickle bricks as part of a seminar to encourage them to adopt the latest lean manufacturing techniques.
A 1,200 s/f lease at 53 Stickle Avenue in Randolph, New Jersey.
In this paper the variety of rice samples selected, which have the same degree of milling, is Thai Jasmine rice (Pathumthanee1), white rice (Gor Kor 23) and stickle rice (Nan).
The original casualty had been walking on the Pike of Stickle,in Langdale, when he fell 15ft into a crevice and knocked himself unconscious.
In a recent issue, we introduced you to a wonderful 1913-1940 era scrapbook, Local Clippings from the Brighton, Ontario area, which had been located by the Stickle family at an auction, and shared with me by Shawnee Spencer UE.
My granddaughter Ashley Stickle, 14, and grandson J.