sticking point

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a point at which an impasse arises in progress toward an agreement or a goal

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Leaders of the House and Senate were at odds on Friday over the reasons for not reaching agreement about funding the federal government for the next six months to avert a federal shutdown by midnight as spending cuts and federal funding for the women's health organization emerged as key sticking points.
One of the key sticking points in reaching agreement is the opening of Gaza's borders.
The potential sticking point according to Morell is power.
The major sticking point has been the consortium's failure to show Leeds the colour of their money, but that would now appear to have been resolved and a takeover looks set to be concluded by the end of the week.
The money on offer was believed to be the sticking point.
But a sticking point over so-called stand down time has suddenly emerged.
Conniff pointed out that Kucinich has one sticking point with the "grassroots progressive base"--the issue of abortion.
Of course, the real sticking point is that hard-line Muslims represent the most powerful faction within the UN-created artificial "nation" of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Presently, the Terrorism Risk Protection Act is not scheduled for debate in the Senate, where the sticking point remains the issue of payment caps for policyholders.
The first is the attitude of the Arab group of nations on the question of Israel, because I believe that is the sticking point of the whole situation.
Neither Graham nor his agent would comment on his position but one potential sticking point with Graham is his compensation case against Spurs, which is due to begin next week.
However, the US refusal to sell Chile advanced air-to-air missiles with US-made F-16 jets could prove to be a sticking point.
15 announcement was welcome news for GLP, which had been extensively lobbying the province through their industry group for relief from what McEwen labelled an "onerous tax burden" that represented a major sticking point whether to build new or re-fit the old station.
Accelerate out of the hole and through the sticking point as powerfully as possible with good form.
For many who would like to make a laptop their primary PC, the main sticking point has been the laptop's notorious lack of power.
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