sticking plaster

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adhesive tape used in dressing wounds

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It is a sticking plaster solution if it is not backed up by good support for those who do apply for licences and makes life impossible for those who don't.
But when she returned to her home in Bryn Melyd, Meliden, the slices fell apart and Mrs Frobisher found what she believed to be a sticking plaster inside.
It will be nice for them to pop out but it's just a sticking plaster, a good bit of PR for them.
This is a sticking plaster solution, and does nothing to deal with the real problems.
Transition funding is available but that is a sticking plaster solution when a plan of home building would create work and homes for social rent.
The skill is finding the solution long-term and it needs to be a long-term solution, not a case of putting some more sticking plaster on the problem.
But Mr Davis attacked the policy, saying: 'Asbos remain a sticking plaster over an amputation as a solution to crime and disorder.
Stanley does need regeneration, but what the council is doing is putting a sticking plaster over something that needs major surgery," he said.
Mervyn Kohler, head of public affairs for Help the Aged, said: "The chancellor's announcement can only be described as another patch of sticking plaster.
But Edmund King, AA president, said: "Emergency handouts are a sticking plaster rather than a cure.
The appeal to North East workers to consider car sharing is clearly a non starter of the sticking plaster variety.
WHETHER while cutting the steak for dinner, cutting your fingernails or doing a bit of DIY we've all ended up in need of a sticking plaster.
On This Day: 1845: The sticking plaster was patented.
Anything we do now to invest here and there would be like a sticking plaster job.
But these wards and beds cannot be a sticking plaster covering strategic plans to cut more beds in the longer term.
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