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the property of sticking to a surface

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Another look at stickiness was provided last week by Harvard University's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, which released "Stickier News: What Newspapers Don't Know about Web Traffic Has Hurt Them Badly -- But There is a Better Way.
In the next section creativity and team creative skills are discussed, then the impact of stickiness stages on creative skills development is explored, there-after the method and results are presented and the paper concludes with a discussion of the findings, implications, limitations and future research directions.
As stickiness is most commonly evident when dough is subjected to shear, tests should ideally be performed immediately after mixing or processing, eg after dividing or moulding.
Still, it seemed someone wasn't a fan of the stickiness considering the stock dip.
Predicted and measured cooked rice firmness, stickiness, moisture content and leached solids had [R.
Also, blending certain base elastomers, such as polychloroprene, with other synthetic elastomers will sometimes reduce stickiness (ref.
Lovely product that holds without stickiness or flaking.
The plants look fine and the leaves and stems are quite normal, no sign of stickiness.
On May 9, Premier Ernie Eves announced his stickiness plan for the North.
It features an overview of the company's line of belt cleaners, including head-pulley pre-cleaners and secondary cleaners, plus patented designs for applications involving moisture and stickiness.
Stickiness is the goal for web editors -- that attribute of a site that keeps people coming back for more.
Allergic reactions may cause swelling, but little redness or stickiness.
Editors who have only recently become comfortable being called content providers now find themselves referred to as providing stickiness.
This report, "TV and Movie Downloads: Harnessing the Power of P2P," concludes that P2P networks will perform a vital strategic role in the media and entertainment industries, which will provide social stickiness and economic efficiencies, as well as supporting a growing number of alternative business models, pricing strategies and legal consumption experiences.
com), the leading marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps, today unveiled the App Stickiness Index, a new way for brands and developers to benchmark their app's engagement and loyalty values against industry aggregates.