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the property of sticking to a surface

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Upstart Productions' 'Love/Sick,' a fast, furious 80-minute play written by John Cariani and directed by Joel Trinidad, could have used more of that stickiness factor.
Subsequently, a goal for any ecommerce website is to increase its stickiness.
The amount of time an average user spends on a web site over a given period of time, stickiness indicates how engaged a user becomes with the site.
In this paper team creative skills development is examined through stickiness stages, using the Synectics approach.
With this interaction in mind, a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was developed to measure tannin stickiness.
Previous test methods for quantifying dough stickiness normally required manipulation of the dough sample immediately prior to testing.
couldn't help but also use the word stickiness when complimenting the iCloud.
1 : degree of compactness, firmness, or stickiness <Bakers need dough of the right consistency.
The book examines case studies of a variety of effective initiatives that make use of the six principles of stickiness.
For PET film and sheet producers, it is said to improve extrusion efficiency while also minimizing stickiness during thermoforming and form/fill/seal packaging.
The level of stickiness that a rubber compound has for a metallic surface can be quite important in predicting processability.
Further supporting this view, the specimen holds two drops of the "glue" that these spiders use to add stickiness to their webs.
According to Christine Wu of the University of Illinois in Chicago, recent research in her lab and elsewhere has suggested that stickiness of a food isn't necessarily an indicator of its effects on oral health.