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a form of baseball played in the streets with a rubber ball and broomstick handle

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This type of Stickball is not to be confused with the sport that has the same name but is a baseball-related street game.
It no doubt influences who you are, but I was just a normal, everyday kid growing up, hanging out with friends, playing stickball.
I had little aspiration other than to immerse myself in games of basketball, stickball and punch ball on the streets and playgrounds of Brooklyn including some questionable capers at Coney Island.
Most of us kids played stickball on the street or in a vacant lot between tenement houses oblivious of the tension and suffering that undoubtedly prevailed all around us.
For just a moment, I was a little boy at my Uncle Jack's house on the Fourth of July listening to Phillies games on the radio, and smelling the burgers and hot dogs on the grill and playing stickball.
We played stickball and we played football where the sewer was the goal line.
Fourteen-year-old Joseph Michtom spends the summer of 1903 looking after his baby brother Benjamin, playing stickball and sharing late-night conversations with his younger sister Emily.
Speaking of the film, he said: "In the opening scene, these kids are playing stickball in the Mumbai airport on the runway while the planes are trying to land and the police come and the kids run off.
So Joseph is resentful: he'd rather be playing stickball with his friends in the street, or at least having an outing to Coney Island.
You can try your hand at blow darts, basket weaving, flint knapping or stickball - a prehistoric game similar to lacrosse that tribes played to settle disputes, instead of war.
One companero who laughed when Fidel struck out on three pitches in a stickball game paid for his falta de respeto with a dislocated shoulder.
Little Italy Precious Festa Celebrate Italian culture with traditional chalk art, music, food, and a stickball tournament.
I was nine years old that year, and one day a gentleman approached a bunch of kids on the street in Brooklyn, New York, as we were playing stickball.
This young, 'round-the-way princess can do everything she sets her mind to, from dunking a basketball to scoring a touchdown to playing stickball to excelling in field and track.
Instead of silly stickball or jumping jacks, you can skate-slalom, roller-race or play street hockey during gym class.