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I use my stick to help me keep my balance when I climb on big logs and when I walk on rocks to cross a creek.
With the addition of a 100% meat stick to the Oberto product portfolio, Oberto Sausage Company is now a destination meat snack supplier.
With this reader, users of the Sony Cyber-shot or other MemoryStick compatible devices can transfer data from a Memory Stick to a higher capacity CompactFlash card or an IBM Microdrive.
As the instrument heats, it tends to stick to tissue causing extra steps by the surgeon to clean the instrument.
The IntelliFlash USB Memory Stick Reader allows users to quickly and easily transfer images and data stored on the Memory Stick to a PC or Mac.
Prime report developing organic films to test how well proteins stick to different materials.
No need to use messy non-stick cooking sprays - food won't stick to Release Grill Foil sheets.
If these's anyone who can put Power Stick to the test, it's him," explains Janet Peacott of Faberge Power Stick Deodorant.
The researchers conclude that this variation has two functions: It allows the parasite to stay one step ahead of a host's ability to make antibodies that could attack the merozoite proteins, and it ensures that the merozoite-infected red cells won't run out of cells to stick to in order to avoid the spleen.