stick shift

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a transmission that is operated manually with a gear lever and a clutch pedal

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They're just different kinds of clutches than are used in cars with stick shifts.
He added: " With a stick shift 6 speed sequential gearbox and a heavy engine at the back, the characteristics of the car is very different and it does require a lot of testing to adapt yourself to it.
This is possibly the biggest change, with the reintroduction of a continuously variable transmission instead of a semi-automatic stick shift from the original and the inclusion of the hybrid version.
So, in a day where nobody really knows how to drive a stick shift car, and operative vaginal delivery means vacuum extraction and not forceps, what can we expect?
I told you so, we can handle it, hand on the stick shift headed into the billboard labeled Tomorrow, the adventures of new music, melismas shrouding the past and passing days.
A Nashville man and woman trotted out a Lap Gym, "the portable gym you can use anywhere," which looked like a car stick shift attached to a tray, which the judges quickly dubbed Ab Shifter.
And, as he peeled out of camp on the last day in 1998, his Ford Probe--the car I learned to drive stick shift on--kicking up gravel in an overly dramatic fashion, I thought to myself, "He must be mad.
But the point is I like a stick shift and I can still do it, and MS can't have it.
She pops in the driver's seat and announces in a bright voice that she's "not really good with a stick shift.
Now she wants to reconnect with her skill, but in a big rig, with a complicated stick shift.
Lenny teaches Debbie to drive a stick shift in his driveway.
She assured Brittany she could drive a stick shift and got Brittany's go-ahead, but the results proved disastrous.
8-liter, 142 horsies of last year's model), the 6-speed paddle-shift transmission of the Sport version ($22,935) gives the car a feeling of power that no ordinary stick shift on a low-powered sports car can provide.
I noticed the stick shift regularly slid out of gear when I was driving, so I took it back to the dealership.