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A colony of stick insects are eating their way through one of Scotland's most important collection of plants.
The Giant Lime Green stick insect, which feeds mainly on eucalyptus leaves, is being studied at the John Innes Centre (JIC) in Norwich.
GIANT stick insects and beautiful butterflies were among the creepy crawlies which visited St Augustine's Primary School in Radford.
I think that's a compliment coming from that stick insect.
There's even an insect petting zoo, which includes a 3-inch-long Madagascar hissing cockroach and a 4-inch long, unsavory-looking New Guinea stick insect.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Dynamic 9 Orbit 10 Incas 11 Masseur 12 Ado 13 Emigrant 16 Set piece 17 Gym 19 Go to sea 21 Baron 22 Occur 23 Elegant DOWN: 1 Admiral 2 Anecdote 3 Imps 4 Conserve 5 Able 6 Start 8 Commiserate 13 Exposure 14 Nigerian 15 Amenity 18 Egg on 20 Tick 21 Boer QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stick insect 8 Fee 9 Ore 11 Lenient 12 Ad-lib 13 Opt 14 Too 15 Unearth 17 Sag 19 Obey 21 Area 23 Orgy 25 Robe 27 Elk 29 Pageant 31 Arc 34 Rye 36 Corgi 37 Own goal 38 Two 39 Art 40 Springboard DOWN: 1 Seep 2 Tent 3 Cleanse 4 In-tray 5 Slant 6 Colt 7 Trio 8 Floss 10 Ebony 16 Hog 18 Gab 20 Bye 22 Rep 24 Run into 25 React 26 Belong 28 Knelt 30 Alibi 32 Rows 33 Crop 34 Roar 35 Yard
She obviously doesn't want to follow the fashionista lemmings who feel that they have to dress like the po-faced, anorexic zombies and stick insect clones we see on some of the current catwalk and rag trade world.
From colour changing frogs who can glide up to 15metres between trees, to the world's longest stick insect growing to a staggering two foot in length, it proves the value of protecting such areas.
LIVERPOOL's Lord Mayor got to grips with a stick insect at a new creepy crawly centre.
Mike Storey with stick insect BugWorld Experience general manager Jenny Dobson and Lord Mayor Mike Storey with the new Young Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Emily Heeney, left, and her sister, Eleanor
South Tyneside Council's Countryside Team is giving people the chance to touch a snake, discover why cockroaches are one of the most resilient creatures on earth, and see the largest stick insect in the world.
Ranchers, soybean farmers and loggers burned and cut down a near-record area of the Amazon rainforest last year; right, Twiggy, a baby Malaysian giant stick insect, measuring 60mm long, and the 4mm egg from which it hatched, is unveiled at London Zoo.
She fields questions from a stick insect whose lover is obsessed with her, a fig wasp that laments that all the males she knows bite their girlfriends in half, and a lion bemoaning the fact that his mate is a nymphomaniac.
6-inch) long wingless bug, a cross between a mantis and stick insect, lives atop mountains in Namibia, Africa.
THE Sex and the City quartet of Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and the stick insect loom large over Any Time Now, a major new comedy drama for `the wimmin'.