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drawing of a human or animal that represents the head by a circle and the rest of the body by straight lines

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Copies of stick figure strips and an optional recording page can be obtained by emailing: christine.
Every Greek in Paul's audience would have included that identity in the 10-item stick figure drawing of himself, as would every last Jew.
Alaska residents are invited to create up to three stick figures made out of anything--photos on #StickFigureAK's website include crab leg, fishing lure, and snow stick figures.
The stars of the scorpion are now morphing from a stick figure into the shape of the actual celestial creature.
TV said it had bought domestic television production company Stick Figure Productions as part of efforts to increase its content.
Country: USASector: MediaTarget: Stick Figure ProductionsBuyer: Ora.
His new creation looks similar to the original but adds a stick figure pushing the classic wheelchair symbol.
Had James Thurber worked in animation, the waggish result might look and sound a bit like "It's Such a Beautiful Day," indie cartoonist Don Hertzfeldt's alternately poignant and absurdist triptych, which seamlessly joins three long-gestating short films into an hourlong rumination on the nature of existence as seen through the eyes of a stick figure named Bill.
On any day you're in jail, draw the stick figure behind bars.
No, he sketched on paper a stick figure holding a pistol.
In addition, Jamison Odone has created a special drawing of his Alice stick figure without hair to publicize fundraising efforts of 46 Mommas who are mothers of children with cancer working to raise funds and awareness of children cancer victims and their needs.
Taunton, Massachusetts, public school officials sent home a second grader December 2 for drawing a stick figure of Jesus on the cross, according to his mother and father, after his teacher instructed the class to draw an image that reminded them of Christmas.
Gaby's recurrent use of the stick figure is fascinating in that it points towards the artist as a person, and not his pencil.
Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, this unique game based on drawing and physics challenges players to maneuver the charming stick figure, Marker Man, through 150 scrolling world puzzles in his attempt to find his best friend, Doodle Dog.
The LIBRE (Listen, Identify, Brainstorm, Reality Test, Encourage) Stick Figure Tool (N.