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drawing of a human or animal that represents the head by a circle and the rest of the body by straight lines

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Alaska residents are invited to create up to three stick figures made out of anything--photos on #StickFigureAK's website include crab leg, fishing lure, and snow stick figures.
The stars of the scorpion are now morphing from a stick figure into the shape of the actual celestial creature.
In addition, Jamison Odone has created a special drawing of his Alice stick figure without hair to publicize fundraising efforts of 46 Mommas who are mothers of children with cancer working to raise funds and awareness of children cancer victims and their needs.
Taunton, Massachusetts, public school officials sent home a second grader December 2 for drawing a stick figure of Jesus on the cross, according to his mother and father, after his teacher instructed the class to draw an image that reminded them of Christmas.
Gaby's recurrent use of the stick figure is fascinating in that it points towards the artist as a person, and not his pencil.
Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, this unique game based on drawing and physics challenges players to maneuver the charming stick figure, Marker Man, through 150 scrolling world puzzles in his attempt to find his best friend, Doodle Dog.
Apart from the name Abozzo, which is neatly spelled out in hand-drawn script, there is a little stick figure (the client) who has the idea of building a house, gets together with (presumably) an architect.
A stick figure skateboard, my initials, and a sketchy-ass lightning bolt that I accidentally dragged across a pre-existing good tattoo.
Next Jesus draws a stick figure of a child and writes 20,000 Children Die Each Day of Hunger.
IN GLARING CONTRAST TO the mainstream minds of his profession, free-market economist Wilhelm Ropke (1899-1966) viewed man as an embodied soul and not as the reductive utilitarian stick figure of Homo economicus.
Bruno shook shards of paint onto the floor, gathered together all the green dust, like salt on the kitchen table, wasted for drawing hearts, animals with pointed ears, little stick figure men.
Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" is a production of The Style Network and Stick Figure Productions.
In 2013, Ora TV acquired Stick Figure Studios, an Emmy award-winning documentary and reality series production company based in New York.
There is a cartoon doing the rounds in which a stick figure of Jesus is saying "Hi," to a stick figure of Muhammad replying, "How ya doing?
A law enforcement source told Fox News that a notebook in the package, which had been in the university's mailroom since July 12, depicted a stick figure shooting other stick figures, among other violent scenes.