stick around

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  • verb

Synonyms for stick around

be available or ready for a certain function or service

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stay put (in a certain place)

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Diego Costa would be a great signing for Everton - but would need to stick around for more than four months MIKE HEWITT
Thanks to some savvy bargaining by his Gran (also dead), Logan is allowed to stick around and see how his absence will affect his little sister, Amy.
But when momma reminds him that there are perks to being a big brother, Oliver decides to stick around and share his wisdom with the new baby.
No word yet on whether he'll stick around long enough to unpack this time.
The people who walked on a muddy lakeshore in southeastern Australia surely never suspected that their footprints would stick around for 20,000 years.
It's a small market comparatively but it's doing very well right now and we're going to stick around.
I did not stick around long enough to read all the snippets of Michel de Certeau, Judith Butler, and others.
Companies would love to know how these intangibles--the things they can't control once they square away pay and benefits--make workers stick around and grow.
Want to stick around to see your great-grandchildren?
How sad they couldn't persuade the lovely violin player Ethan, acted by the impressive Fabrizio Filippo, to stick around and have that romance play out instead of the one Mr.