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a soft grey mineral

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The good correlation between W, Sb and As in soils from Sarzedas deposit is due to the weathering of ferberite, stibnite and arsenopyrite from the mineralized veins and dykes, and precipitation of these elements in soils (Carvalho et al.
The contract has been signed for the combination of the respective holdings of both the companies in the Yellow Pine - Stibnite Mining District located in Valley County, Idaho.
Gilles motioned us over and showed us two boxes, each containing a fabulous Romanian stibnite cluster, certainly among the finest I have ever been offered, but the price reflected their quality and their fragility made the purchase risky, so we thanked him and moved on.
Most of these, though, are locally procured -- there's a scolicite on stibnite sourced from a baoli in Nashik and an aquamarine from the dense forest of Karur, Tamil Nadu.
000 anos extraido en la laguna Stibnite (46[grados]25'S, 74[grados]24'W), en la peninsula de Taitao en Chile, mostro que durante el YD (13.
The August 2001 agreement in principle included the Coeur d'Alene Basin area in litigation, the Grouse Creek mine, the Bunker Hill superfund site and the Stibnite mine site in central Idaho.
Gold-bearing refractory stibnite, for example, is pyrometallurgically treated to recover antimony in a process that involves the generation of toxic gases.
The Krinj stibnite and Awirath Gol boulangerite ocurrences, both in Chitral, are good examples of mineralization along thrust planes.
Individual mines in the Dugupi-Maanshan mining area usually consist of a single drift that follows the stibnite vein several hundred to more than a thousand meters into the mountain.
She married Raymond Sergeant in January 1946 in Stibnite, Idaho.
Typical heavy-mineral concentrates from the placer include cinnabar, stibnite, garnet, pyrite and cassiterite.
Recent drilling has extended the known lateral extent of the stibnite (antimony)-gold vein systems on Workman's Bench from 600ft to 1,000ft.
In the example of complex sulphide ores, the IPJ will recover a high proportion of the sulphides as well as "nasties" such as arsenic, stibnite and pyhrrotite.
Drilling in the Le Pouvoir area encountered minor amounts of stibnite in 5 of the 9 holes and core sample results included: 0.
Special exhibits include pegmatite minerals, the minerals of China, Russia and Africa, and displays of individual mineral species such as quartz, fluorite, calcite, stibnite, barite, celestine and copper.