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Synonyms for stewing

an extreme state of worry and agitation

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cooking in a liquid that has been brought to a boil

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Each and every chunk of meat needs to be thoroughly and lovingly browned on all sides before the actual stewing process occurs.
Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 600g pack essential Waitrose stewing lamb 400g pack Waitrose Vegetable and Bean Stew Mix (find in the chiller) 2 tsp Bart Ras El Hanout Spice Mix 1 tbsp tomato pure 1 tbsp clear honey 100g wholesome soft apricots, halved Method Heat the oil in a heavy-based ovenproof casserole dish; add the lamb pieces and fry until golden on both sides.
Serves: 6 Time to prepare: 20 minutes Time to cook: 2 1/2 -3 hours Oven temperature: Gas mark 3, 170degC, 325degF You will need: 900g (2lb) lean braising or stewing steak, cut into 5cm (2inch) pieces salt and pepper 30ml (2tbsp) dried mixed herbs 25g (1oz) plain flour 15-30ml (1-2tbsp) sunflower oil 675g (1 1/2 lb) shallots, peeled and left whole 2 large red peppers, cored, deseeded and cut into large chunks 1 bottle good red wine 300ml ( 1/2 pint) good, hot beef stock 2 bay leaves To garnish: small sprig fresh thyme Method: 1.
Prepackaged stewing beef is OK, but it can consist of irregularly shaped pieces from different cuts.
Compiled, organized and presented by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret, Stewing In Texas: Recipes Sizzling In Texas History, A Cookbook War, And More is not just another regional recipe collection.