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Synonyms for stewed

Synonyms for stewed

cooked in hot water

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The meat is lean and tough - but cooks into an extremely tender meal when stewed.
You can miss them out and add something else, such as chicken or a cut of meat that can be stewed.
When asked by the "be monitor" organization what types of stewed foods respondents eat most frequently, the top three, with almost equal votes, were sukiyaki, with 459 votes; yosenabe (seafood), with 457 and yudofu (boiled tofu), with 445.
Thursday: Roast pork, sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes, garden salad, fruit cocktail.
With the excuse of eating for two, I went for the Chef's Plate which was packed with tofu cake (burger), millet, seaweed, sauerkraut, stewed vegetables, lentils, and a creative salad of lettuce, beets, cucumber, mushroom, nuts, olives, and wedges of lemon and orange.