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a woman steward on an airplane

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The stewardess had visited a booth of the telecom company at a mall to buy a phone and, after chatting with the clerk while he was processing her transaction, they became friends.
When I knew I was going to be a stewardess on a plane with the football team I was, you know, a bit shy about the thought of it," she says.
AirAsia's stewardess uniform is a collared white shirt underneath of a red, fitted jacket.
Dubai: A passenger landed in court on Sunday for hugging a stewardess and kissing her when she agreed to take a selfie with him on an Emirates Airlines flight.
When a 26-year-old Moroccan female stewardess told him this wasn't allowed, he started insulting her.
New ad campaigns targeted middle-class vacationers, presenting air travel as a glamorous way to see the world and the stewardess as a chic "career girl.
The 40-year-old British passenger has been jailed for six months in Dubai after he was found guilty of groping a stewardess on an Emirates flight, a report said.
Perry's book, with a foreword written by Adrienne Gang, the chief stewardess on the hit show Below Deck, is a part-travelogue and part-career guide that reveals details of life afloat with some of the most affluent “one-percenters” in the world.
The disgusted stewardess gets the head stewardess who asks the blonde to leave.
Drew Whitelegg examined the contemporary experience in his Working the Skies (2007), Kathleen Barry looked at the history of the flight attendant in Femininity in Flight (2007), and in the June 2009 issue of the Journal of Transport History Peter Lyth tackled the image of the stewardess.
Christina plays the head stewardess on a plane called the Clipper Majestic.
The train was very busy and, having been allowed early boarding as my grandson is autistic, we were asked by the stewardess if he had further requirements.
Not only were stewardesses required to serve twice as many passengers, the airlines exploited the glamorous image the job stewardess had attained by adding a new twist in the context of the sexual revolution: stewardess as sex object.
PASSENGERS were forced to remain on board an Easyjet flight for more than an hour after it landed at Liverpool airport, when a stewardess complained of feeling unwell.