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a woman steward on an airplane

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PASSENGERS were forced to remain on board an Easyjet flight for more than an hour after it landed at Liverpool airport, when a stewardess complained of feeling unwell.
A stewardess ordered Crerand (left) to sit down because the plane was still in motion.
I think she always knew he was seeing other women, but for him to pull another stewardess from the same airline is a little too close to home.
2] This essay considers yet another aspect of the very same discriminatory practices that made the sexy stewardess the normative model of service in the air: the homophobic campaign on the part of airlines, in tandem with the media, to keep men out of the job.
May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Catherine Topel of Seatrust Yacht Services LLC provides an insider's glimpse into the world of professional yacht crews and helps readers break into the industry in her new book, "What Every New Yacht Stewardess Should Know
The air stewardess who allegedly joined the mile high club with Ralph Fiennes has been sacked.
A passenger asked a stewardess, ``Who is the soldier escorting?
Prince William was refused entry to a lounge on a ferry by a stewardess who failed to recognise him.
A stewardess came by and asked us what we were looking for, and she immediately disappeared and reappeared with a flashlight.
Roz Williams, the stewardess at Chilvers Coton Liberal Club, in Henry Street, the association's last chairman, said: "We disbanded last year after 34 great years because of falling membership.
BRITISH Airways executives were said to be incensed at the tarmac dash by stewardess Andrea O'Neill.
The eternal city of youth beckons anew: romantic urban ciphers (cops, gun moll, stewardess, fast-food gamine) bathed in neon reflections of themselves, style as metaphysics (sunglasses at midnight), gaiety and sorrow entwined in a hungover reverie.
Stewardess Stripped is proud to announce the launch of its 2007 Calendar "More Stewardesses Stripped," available online at www.
A 35-year-old Filipino stewardess said she stopped the man from smoking and asked him to cease drinking, but he continued.
AN AIRLINE stewardess from Birmingham who enjoys body-building has got temperatures soaring by posing for a sizzling bikini calendar.