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Synonyms for steward

Synonyms for steward

someone who manages property or other affairs for someone else

the ship's officer who is in charge of provisions and dining arrangements

an attendant on an airplane

a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management

References in classic literature ?
The curious spectators had exhausted the conversation of the steward, who had drunk good fellowship with half of his acquaintance, and, as Natty was no longer in motion, by eight o’clock, Billy Kirby, who was the last lounger at the window, retired into the “Templeton Coffee-house,” when Natty rose and hung a blanket before the opening, and the prisoners apparently retired for the night.
It was unexampled for a servant of the count's to dare to dispute an order of his, so the steward, without saying a word, followed his master, who got into the carriage, and signed to him to follow, which he did, taking his place respectfully on the front seat.
Meanwhile the Steward had gathered his wits about him and risen to his feet, so that when the Cook came to the Steward's pantry he saw him glowering through the broken door at Little John, who was making ready for a good repast, as one dog glowers at another that has a bone.
Ay, marry, that do I," quoth the Cook boldly, for he liked the Steward because of his talk of the wine and of the ten shillings.
I bear no love for that pursy Steward, but I thought that we had engaged to fight with one another and that it must be done.
Because you are my Chief Steward you have an idea you can scold me as much as you please.
Then the voices died away, and Billina knew that the King and his Steward had left the room.
He ate seventeen bowls of porridge, a platter full of fried sausages, eleven loaves of bread and twenty-one mince pies," said the Steward.
You will have to go to the Land of Oz to recover it, and your Majesty can't get to the Land of Oz in any possible way," said the Steward, yawning because he had been on duty ninety-six hours, and was sleepy.
The Steward ducked to escape the heavy jewel, which crashed against the door just over his left ear.
There sat Little John eating away for dear life, while the fat steward was rolled under the table like a bundle of rags.
The team has a combined 30 years of experience serving clients as wealth managers and joins Steward from Merrill Lynch, where together they managed USD 180 million in client assets.
Previously, Steward has acquired Vitals Global Healthcare's concessions to run facilities in Malta.
LAHORE -- The Lahore Race Club (LRC) stewards have nominated three senior members to represent LRC on the Jockey Club of Pakistan (JCP)'s board of stewards for the year 2018-19.
ONE of the reasons behind the BHA's ongoing review of the raceday stewarding model is highlighted again today when the opening afternoon of Yarmouth's eastern festival becomes the latest meeting to take place without any stewards in attendance.