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the group of countries whose currencies are tied to the British pound sterling

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The constraints on Scottish sovereignty from currency union would exist in a mooted sterling area just as they would in the euro zone, however.
And the paper predicts: "Monetary policy will be set according to economic conditions across the Sterling Area with ownership and governance of the Bank of England undertaken on a shareholder basis.
Ask the British: After the sterling area folded, it took a generation for the UK to come all the way back.
Among other measures was a 10% increase on petrol and a basic travel allowance of pounds 50 per person outside the Sterling area.
The company currently is conducting a 3-D seismic survey in the Sterling area and is obtaining permits to begin a survey in the Ninilchik area.
The division of Africa into currency zones has eased largely through the demise of the sterling area.
The Sterling area is attractive and our data center is located nearby so the move made sense logistically," said Mona Abutaleb, mindSHIFT's President and Chief Operating Officer.
We in Jersey proudly enjoy our independence, and would urge the Scots (and our Welsh hosts, too) to join us as independent members of the Sterling Area, sharing our currency - and our Queen - on an equal basis, while being free to look after all our own affairs.
First, there is nothing he can do to stop us using the pound - which is why a sterling area will be agreed.
Scottish economic advisers, the Fiscal Commission Working Group states Scotland should establish a so-called Sterling Area Sustainability Agreement and independent Scottish Fiscal Commission.
A victory at Wimbledon for Andy Murray is not going to suddenly turn round the Scottish economy or answer how independence would cope with monetary union as part of the sterling area.
He has resided in the Sterling area for the past 25 years.
Britain abandoned the old sterling area back in Harold Wilson's time, largely because friendly and trusting countries which held their national wealth in pounds became understandably less friendly and trusting when it was devalued.
When he realised the price difference, he returned the books and bought them in Derry City, just 20 miles away, but in the sterling area.
said, "Beardstown Savings has an established commitment to the Mount Sterling area with our banking office in the Mount Sterling Savings Center at 201 W.