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two photographs taken from slightly different angles that appear three-dimensional when viewed together

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At the same time, drawing upon an abundance of papyrological and recent archaeological evidence, it enables the student to move with more confidence into the spheres of ordinary lived experience, that is, in some measure to close the gap between the public sphere and ordinary private life in such a way as to provide a more stereoscopic picture of this seminal period in history so as to recognize it as the form-creative period it really is in its own right while simultaneously being aware of the need to think beyond such periods altogether.
Essentially a hacked View-Master with two small-scale video screens inside, it accepts custom RFID-enabled paper discs that, rather than presenting static stereoscopic pictures, activate collections of images and video curated by other artists and designers.
For creating of 3D image it is necessary to capture two stereoscopic pictures of scanned area.
Interest on learning and media dates at least from the early part of the century when "educational museums" were created to house such audiovisual aids as stereoscopic pictures and lantern slides.