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a terrorist group formed in Peru in the late 1960s as a splinter group from the communist party of Peru

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In terms of build preparation and post-processing, Stereolithography and PolyJet involve roughly the same amount of touch labor.
In 1994, he received the Jacquard Award from the Numerical Controls Society for his invention and commercialization of stereolithography.
The supply, installation and commissioning of a Stereolithography Rapid Manufacturing Machine for the manufacture of large prototype investment casting patterns for the new AMRC Castings Centre .
Encompassing 19 SLA machines and a full in-house model shop, LR specializes in Stereolithography (SLA) and Cast Urethane Molds.
The implementation of our plan revolved around short prototyping cycles which were usually characterized by our ability to fabricate prototypes via stereolithography in a single day, followed by one to two days of testing, leading to the design and fabrication of the next iteration on the fourth day.
The company said it can now build parts by stereolithography in white, gray, and black.
In the first step of the stereolithography process, a computer converts the digital model of a solid object into a stack of thin slices.
Jacobs has many patents in the Stereolithography arena as well as many accolades for his work in the development and implementation of the various Stereolithography processes and applications.
The system combines the advantages of laser-based stereolithography (large area and speed, but poor resolution) and digital light processing sterelighography (fine details and speed, but only over a small area), enabling a rapid print of fine details over large areas.
DSM Somos has designed a resin to bring stereolithography (SL) a step closer to the direct manufacturing of high-durability plastic parts.
It will manage the firm's rapid-prototyping services, which use 3D Systems stereolithography or Stratasys fused-deposition modeling (FDM) machines.
In order to assist customers with their design needs, and to help facilitate their time to market with new products, the company has added stereolithography and rapid prototyping services to its list of programs.
For stereolithography, 3D released last year its Accura line of materials.
VALENCIA - The United Kingdom's Airbus has purchased stereolithography systems from Valencia-based 3D Systems Corp.
Laser technology RP, which uses stereolithography or selective laser sintering, is the most accurate and widely used.