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a sister who has only one parent in common with you

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Since then his mother Patricia Glassop and stepsister Tina have been at loggerheads with the singer's executor over the size of his estate.
The Fairy Godmother wants to be called the Fairy Goshmother, three new stepsisters must be added to the cast, several actors quit, and the extras are fed up with being extras.
Schloss became Anne's stepsister after she had died in Auschwitz, aged 15, but they had known one another before the war.
Apart from anything else there is also a world of difference between a half and a stepsister.
But while her stepsister Clara basks in family attention, Iris sets out to find out the truth behind both her new home and her old life.
Martin's stepsister, Sharon Marshall, had identified the body but made a mistake.
My stepsister, who is two years older than me, said she would show me how and so she kissed me.
My stepsister and I were on a desolate mountain in a mist when suddenly I saw I'm A Celeb winner Joe Pasquale on top of the hill, wearing a helmet and singing Auld Lang Syne.
For one thing, his sneering teenage stepsister drives him crazy.
When I heard that my 1999 novel Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister had been purchased for an ABC TV film, I cherished the slim hope that I too might be invited to the ball--I mean, the filming.
mother Carol, brothers Brian and Jonathan, stepsister Rhonda and six nieces and nephews.
I always spend it with mum, my stepdad, my little stepsister and my grandparents, and see my dad on Boxing Day.
We also learn about Kelly's early years as a musical prodigy, her drug addiction, and how she nearly caused the death of her little stepsister and became estranged from her mother.
A stepsister to basketball - it was also invented by James Naismith more than 100 years ago - we've got two baskets atop a 10-foot pole, but no backboard.
His coach driver dad Eric, 45, stepmum, Gillian, 35, brother Simon, three, and stepsister Emma Bintliff, 13, were only identified after Gardai police found a phone number in Gillian's bag.