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Synonyms for steps

a flight of stairs or a flight of steps

the course along which a person has walked or is walking in

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Step 4b--If we don't get the data then who must we go to and ask for the data or put a requirement on the system to generate the data?
The path from an idea to a successful innovation or commercial venture is lined with mine fields that can sabotage success at any step.
The correct placement of the first step should be under the hips.
This step involves creating a word, phrase or "mantra" to repeat as a means to maintaining focus on best effort.
Step Four: Tentative Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography
Step Seven: What to Expect After the IRS Receives Your Offer
At the end of the day, with 10,000 steps behind you, you will wonder why you spent so much on that unused gym membership.
Yet many Catholics remain ignorant or even suspicious of the 12 Steps, in part because the program's emphasis on anonymity appears secretive.
The NextStep escalator's unique Guarded step design, in effect, eliminates the hazard associated with the gap between the step and skirt panel found on conventional escalators.
What I like about Steps," says 18-year-old Jared Matthews, who studies with David Howard and recently joined American Ballet Theatre, "is you never know who is going to show up in class.
This is the first step on the road towards a normal, back-foot-pushing recovery.
A month ago in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PNAS), other researchers reported that microscopic steps on certain calcite-crystal faces have an affinity for either right- or left-handed amino acids (SN: 5/5/01, p.
Warner's was the first in a series of successful challenges to the widespread practice of coercing defendants to participate in AA or in treatment programs based on its 12 steps.
In the computer intrusion investigation, the initial steps are the same.
The LF casting process steps are broken down into three general areas: white side, casting and final part processing.