stepping stone

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a stone in a marsh or shallow water that can be stepped on in crossing

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any means of advancement

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Eight of the participants who completed the program are now employed at one of 10 Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare and Early Development Centres located in Northern Adelaide.
The new proposals would give them valuable apprenticeships, experience and a real stepping stone into the world of work, helping to tackle youth unemployment in Calderdale.
When asked if it would be a stepping stone after signing for Newcastle, he said: "Yes, it was expected.
He said: "I'd imagine that if we had an international competition ourselves, that would be a stepping stone to that.
The additional 400 square feet enabled Stepping Stone students to have the space to sing and dance, to discover how classroom pets move, and to find quiet space for rest time in the afternoons.
Jigsaw Holidays representative Anna Phillips said, 'Originally two cottages, Stepping Stone has bags of character.
And beyond that first stepping stone there is a second that also seems within reach.
We understand this job is a stepping stone for most managers and we would never hold anybody back.
Commercial managers whose portfolio does not yet meet the minimum size for IREM's CPM[R] designation can gain training, skills and industry knowledge using the new credential as a stepping stone to the CPM[R].
O'Driscoll said: "This is a stepping stone to bigger things hopefully.
He knew he was a stepping stone and always encouraged us to take the next step if it was offered to us.
But as actor Eric McCormack said at the screening of his film Pirates, making a short can be a stepping stone on the way to becoming a feature director.
With permission, take the stepping stone outdoors and bury it in your garden so that just the top is visible.
In an editorial accompanying the reports, Science editor-in-chief Donald Kennedy notes that this work may not only help improve the crop yields and nutritional value of rice for the millions who depend on it as a food source, but will also serve as a stepping stone to decoding the similar but larger genome sequences of other important cereal grains.
Materials Needed Paper Foam core board Markers Scroll saw (to cut foam board) Poster board Stepping stone forms (plastic forms, pizza boxes, etc.