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a child of your spouse by a former marriage

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Both his child and his stepchild are over 18 and working, so they have little chance of challenging the way the estate now has to be handled.
Placing a duty on a stepparent to contribute to the maintenance of the stepchild would not affect the duty of the biological parent of that child with respect to maintenance.
In his visits to different court jurisdictions around the state, Justice Anstead said, he found that juvenile court is treated like the e stepchild of the court system, with juvenile judges handling caseloads double and triple of that of civil and criminal court judges.
Entry into stepchild status could normalize the child's family situation.
Charles Krulak, the commandant of the Marine Corps, likes to ask, "Are we going to have Son of Desert Storm or the Stepchild of Chechnya?
The election result represents a massive rejection of Thatcherism and its stepchild, Majorism.
Hotel investments, once the industry's stepchild, have enjoyed a Cinderella-like turnaround that is still playing out.
Treated largely as an important stepchild of regulatory and service activities today, research would be designated a vital responsibility in its own right.
Most foundries who stopped using the process treated it as a stepchild among other sand molding units," said Smith of Harmony, whose foundry has one aluminum line making large, thin wall castings.
In "Notes on a Stepchild," Thurman depicts himself as a precocious, introspective child whose early sense of isolation was further exacerbated by frequent illnesses and a dark complexion.
If the child is related to the taxpayer by blood or adoption or is a stepchild, the law requires the qualifying child to live in the same household as the taxpayer for more than six months of the tax year.
I also think that here, in FAO, where forestry has been some kind of stepchild for so long, you are the right man to take it out of that status.
Add into the mix the fact that she's a stepchild herself, plus the added complication that her eldest stepson George is just 12 years her junior, and you soon shake off the model stereotype to realise she might actually know what she's talking about here.
The court agreed with the stepfather's attorneys, Jeffery Leving and Maureen Gorman, who proved that custody of the stepchild should be placed with the stepfather when necessary to protect the child.
Welfare has long been the neglected stepchild of governments in Canada.