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Nurses working in the Cardiac Step-Down Unit are committed to working collaboratively to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set forth by the Beacon Award, said Cathy Kendrick, Cardiac Step-Down Unit manager at Texas Health H-E-B.
Postoperatively, each patient had been kept for overnight observation with face-tent oxygen supplementation in our step-down intensive care unit.
The average length of stay in the step-down unit was 18 hours.
Postoperative management of tonsillectomy/UPPP patients has traditionally included observation in a step-down intensive care unit.
The 30 bedded paediatric ward and the 20 bedded ward Step-Down Ward equipped with state of the art equipment was revamped by AngloGold Ashanti.
The low-voltage SiP12202 synchronous buck step-down controller is intended for power conversion in battery-powered electronics, as well as in notebook and desktop computers and a wide range of other systems using point-of-load or distributed power converters.
New SiP12201 and SiP12202 Step-Down Controller ICs: Summary Table
OC was declining prior to August 2005, and although currently on target due to step-down and OC release, it is expected that OC will continue to decline.
Of the eight programmable regulators, four are also functionally configurable: Three PWM/PFM step-down (buck) converters, one configurable PWM/PFM step-up (boost) OR step-down (buck) converter, three configurable PWM/PFM step-up (boost) OR inverting (buck-boost) converters, and one low-dropout linear LDO regulator.
The dual-phase, step-down controller can be configured to supply two individually controlled and regulated 20A outputs, 180 degrees out-of-phase or, alternatively, the two phases can be interleaved into one low-ripple 40A output.
Unless paid down to zero, principal will be paid exclusively to the class A certificates until the step-down date has been reached.
The loans were structured with a rate step-down feature whereby the interest rate on the loans would be reduced upon lease-up and stabilization of the pre-stabilized assets.
This was a highly-structured transaction with floating rate and fixed rate notes, a rate step-down feature, and a collateral portfolio consisting of both stabilized and pre-stabilized assets," said Frank Abeling, an Associate with Prudential Mortgage Capital's San Francisco office.
Unless paid down to zero, principal will be paid exclusively to the class 1-A1, 1-A2, 2-A1 and 2-A2 certificates until the step-down date has been reached.
The guidelines developed at Genval in 1999 say that for initial GERD therapy, the best medical strategy is to start with the most effective PPI, then step-down the intensity of therapy to maintain control of symptoms.