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Synonyms for step up

increase in extent or intensity

speed up


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In 2010, Step Up helped more than 10,000 residents.
While too many of its peers are busy building a media profile, Step Up (formerly Second City Second Chance) has consistently been rescuing scores of children who often through no fault of their own have been condemned to the educational scrapheap - and an increased chance of becoming a statistic.
Although many of these step-up riders and their supporting marketing material are being positioned as "sure things," it remains unclear to what extent the income flow will actually step up and thus keep up with retirees' unique inflation rate.
Step Up on Fifth will provide homes for nearly 50 residents.
Alternating your legs just step up and down for 5-10 minutes.
39 a foot for the first five years, then step up to $27.
Step ups: Holding dumbbells, step up placing full foot on the step.
Simply step up and down at your own pace, making sure the full foot lands on the step and you vary your lead leg.
It also offers the opportunity to increase or step up the protected amount to include subsequent premiums and increases to contract value.
Make sure you put the full foot down as you step up.