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increase in extent or intensity

speed up


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In past years, VTech has sponsored Step Up's gala events and donated phones for Step Up seminars and events, including the Fitness and Nutrition Wrap Party, the Teen Film Class and the Professional Development Mentorship Wrap Party.
Step Up is grappling with the root of the problems that damage our society rather than the fruit - funding, publicity, etc which are now substitutes for vision, purpose and good old-fashioned hard work.
Flagship 'Income Plus for Life' Optional Rider now Offers Quarterly Step Ups
Tod Lipka, CEO of Step Up on Second, says the new residences on Fifth Street will provide much-needed supportive housing for the City of Santa Monica.
This year's recipients were chosen for their ongoing support of Step Up Women's Network and for being outstanding role models for women and young girls.
Step ups are fantastic; they work our heart and lungs, improve our balance and can also be varied to work different areas of our legs.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Step Up for the Cure is a Montreal-based non-profit that will hold its second annual stair climbing marathon next weekend in an effort to raise funds for the Cancer Research Society.
Step Up On Second, a model program offering housing and comprehensive services to the mentally ill, has announced a gift of $750,000 from the Annenberg Foundation to fund the construction of its new facility, Step Up on Fifth.
Balance exercise Start with a sensible paced mile then find a bench/small wall to step up and down or do the more advanced jump (see exercise of the week).
With the annual step up option, if the account performs well, customers may choose to increase the amount they receive via immediate dollar-for-dollar withdrawals, as well as the amount they are guaranteed to receive for life.
Sunday or Monday 1 mile easy at the start and finish Step ups easy or hard One legged knee lift standing on a wall/seat Knee thrusts Side stomach (oblique's) 3 x 20 per side Side plank Normal plank After an easy mile start find a small wall or seat for your step ups and one legged knee lifts.
We started with a run along the sand and up on to the headland before doing some push ups and step ups on a nearby bench.