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go outside a room or building for a short period of time

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High grade holes CG-10-U242 and CG-10-U246 represent approximately 80m and 135m step outs respectively in the down dip direction from high grade hole CG-10-235 previously announced on October 20, 2010.
and 50 metre southern step out from GAZN-08-08, has extended the
The two holes were drilled as step outs in Zone 45 where two discovery holes were previously announced November 23, 2009.
Drill hole GAZN-10-11; a 25 metre southern step out from drill hole GAZN-10-10, intersected 32.
The nine drill holes at San Antonio are step outs to the north and extend the drill tested zone approximately 800 meters in that direction.
Fence 6 was a subsequent 2,300 foot step out to the west testing a particular shear target with shorter fence lengths.
This is a step out from CTR-10 (reported June 22, 2005) and from CTC-01 (reported March 2, 2006).