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BEIRUT: An initiative to boost joint public and private sector projects in Lebanon took a step forward Tuesday with the committee overseeing the bill finalizing a draft.
Headteacher Jano Owen said: "The announcement of the new name for the school is a very symbolic step forward in its establishment.
He is saying, "Let anyone who can really make out the differences between these two books step forward.
Take a Step Forward is the theme for the week and the university's events are aimed at new and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to move to the next stage in developing their business plans.
PLANS to build a specialist emergency care hospital in the region have taken another step forward.
I have a lot of confidence in Kawasaki and the team around me, so if we can improve a couple of points with the set-up of the bike on the track this would be a big step forward for us in the final results," said the 26-year-old.
THE news that HIQA are about to launch an investigation into Tallaght Hospital's emergency department is a step forward.
Adams told republican supporters: "In the past I have asked people to step forward and show leadership.
Step forward Jazz Carlin from Swansea, who picked up two medals in the freestyle swimming.
MARSHALL TUFFLEX ENERGY MANAGEMENT (MTEM) has launched a new system that represents a significant step forward for voltage optimisation technology.
But, having described harmonisation of the rules as "an absolute priority", with interference the top priority, stunned some by adding: "If Britain and Ireland do not make a step forward, we will never reach harmonisation.
One Step Forward, One Step Back, dream thinks peak's first performance in the UK for three years, has been commissioned by Liverpool Culture Company.
The inspection is a big step forward from last year, when inspectors gave the school a notice to improve.
The second thing I have them do is I have them get very quiet, like you do in meditation, and you ask your master self to step forward.
This is an exciting step forward in bringing commercial air service back to Palmdale,'' Ledford said.